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Does DooJung offer design concepts/ideas?

We have an R&D innovation depatment and if there are any customers' needs for new design and ideas, we can provide these services.

What is the capacity for DooJung Vietnam and DooJung China?

DJVN : 237 M pcs

DJSZ :  25M pcs

What is the production difference between DooJung Vietnam and DooJung China?

There is basically no production difference between the two factories, and it depends on our customer's needs.

Basically no production difference between these two factories, it depends on customer's need.

Due to labor cost difference, most of the applicators would be produced in Vietnam.

How long is the lead time from start to delivery?

Regular lead time is 50 days to 60 days.

Who do I contact to work with Doojung in the future?

You can send an e-mail to djs@doojung.com, djc@doojung.com, djvn@doojung.com / I suggest just having just one general email - not all 3